L E T   U S   W O R K    F O R   Y O U.

Magnetic Dreams is an award-winning studio, generating motion graphics, animation, and VFX content for entertainment and enterprises.

Small and large productions, we work for you.

We Can Handle Most Anything.


Iconic and Award-Winning

Our studio is the proud nominee and winner of some of the most prestigious awards in the business. These include a Daytime Emmy, and MTV music award for best video of the year. Our work includes serious projects with HBO, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Jim Henson Productions, Sesame Street, Coca Cola, Chick-fil-A, and more.



Our production pipeline and experienced team allows broad versatility for producing narrative, character, VFX, animation, and motion graphics. The result is a go to place for agencies and studios, large and small projects alike.  


A history of Excellence

Our 25 year company history spans many years of animation, motion graphics, and VFX development, which has often included helping pioneer new industry standards. This history makes us conditioned to come up with solutions in challenging situations, whether the project is large or small.  


Clients at all levels

We love working with companies, agencies, and entertainment companies of all sizes. We work with veterans, and people new to motion graphics, VFX, and animation. If you are considering a simulation, commercial, internal training or more, we would love to hear from you. Connect with us. 


Check out some of our great work last year and highlights from previous years. We've had a great time! 

Our Diverse Skill Set

Magnetic Dreams is rare in its ability to produce across animated mediums. Seeking for a particular look? You can find 2D and 3D character work as well as motion graphics and 3D work here for enterprises here. We can mix and match styles no problem. 

2D Character

We are extremely comfortable working with both iconic characters and creating them. 

3D Character

We bring others' characters to life, or we can help design your ideas. 

3D Corporate

Along with commercials, we can craft product animations, internal corporate presentations, custom displays, and exhibit displays. 

2D Corporate

Need animation or motion graphics for commercials, exhibits, or custom displays? We can build it. 

2017 Pilot Work

We were proud to animate Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather, Nickelodeon's Mech Champs, effects on Sesame Street's The Magical Wand Chase and Ghoul Scouts, a pilot with  Jim Henson productions. These collaboration's helped us display Magnetic Dreams' ability to produce broad styles, fully animated work as well as practical effects and puppets.

MECH CHAMP - Nickelodeon

WINGFEATHER - Shining Isle Productions

The Magical Wand Chase - Sesame Street | HBO

GHOUL SCOUTS - Jim Henson Productions

Enterprise Work Examples

We work year round with businesses for internal presentations and commercials, instructional videos, marketing materials for various formats, and more. Here are a few examples. 

Dell - FX Architecture

CDC - Award Winner

Freescale - VFX