Rhea Borzak

With over 25 years experience in production, Rhea  Borzak is both a veteran artist and producer, whose work crosses both high-end agency and high-level production house. Borzak started her work during the Atlanta cable boom, serving first as designer with the Jackson Bost Agency (designers of the CNN and BET logos), then on the inaugural art team at the Weather channel (when the motion graphics were still hand drawn), then soon after relocating and helping launch the newly developing Nashville creative scene, landing a National Broadcast Association Award, subsequently working at Elite Post, and finally finding her way to Magnetic Dreams as one of the first key hires. 17 years later, Borzak would be working there as a staple artist and manager, help turn thousands of jobs spanning Crayola, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Coca Cola, Chick Fit A, and many many more. Borzak now serves as Head of Production, providing her expert knowledge to the capable team of veteran producers dedicated to excellence and timely delivery.