Randall Saba

One of those rare second generation Hollywood natives, Saba began his career in art and animation at the historic Tower Records’ flagship store, creating art for the musicians, literally a staple in pop culture lore (see the movie Empire Records). This work and his subsequent beating of the pavement led to getting his first job in animation at HBO’s animation house, where he worked on productions as Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and Ralph Bakshi’s Spicy City. Randy then moved to Nickelodeon, where he would spend the next 15 years. During this time Saba noticed a young and dedicated artist and approached him about working on this artist’s new and upcoming show. This artist was Butch Hartman and the pilot was The Fairly Odd Parents, one of Nickelodeon’s most successful shows. Saba would become producer for multiple seasons, at which time The Fairly Odd Parents would be nominated for a daytime Emmy. Saba decision to relocate to Nashville was a thrill to Magnetic Dreams’ leadership. Saba currently manages all in-house budgeting for ongoing projects.