James Coakley

The first hire at Magnetic, Coakley is one of the most experienced animators working today. 20+ years ago, fascinated with the game Doom and studying computer graphics in college, Coakley happened upon Mike Halsey and Don Culwell, still working out of  Magnetic Dreams’ garage. Since that time Coakley’s animation can be seen across nearly every 3D project Magnetic Dreams has produced. This includes work for major companies such as Dell, Crayola, Coca Cola, Chick Fil A, Sesame Street, Marvel, and Nickelodeon. With over 20 years in animation, Coakley’s understanding of the process is something few can claim, and his work ethic and dedication assuring job delivery is the stuff of legend. Currently Coakley runs the animation team at Magnetic assuring timely delivery for the producers.