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Enterprises are approaching a new horizon with drastic changes in how both consumers and employees absorb content. We have noticed trends in our client's approach to how content in produced and where it is distributed. To that end we produce both large-scale commercially viable presentations and product design as well as fast turnaround web content. Instead of having to decide which approach to take or hiring several vendors at once, we allow you to approach a problem more comprehensively (if preferred), so that your company can enjoy both fast turnaround web content, high profile video, and presentation materials. We can provide a central and comprehensive approach to your content, helping you save on your bottom line while maintaining product quality. 


Entertainment has a dramatically changing landscape, and people are increasingly able to use narrative form and characters to drive traffic. Magnetic Dreams has found several ways to help guide both funded independent production and studio production in this new landscape, whether it through character creation, Youtube driven content, pilot episodes, or planning full series. Our team can help guide you through the process, and we work with budgets of various sizes to help in this cause. Further, we work with existing models and animations meeting certain quality thresholds to help content along. 


Agencies are increasingly looking for aesthetically pleasing, budget conscious ways to meet client expectations. The shift from one commercial to many commercials across multiple platforms is certainly a game changer, and while single commercial shoots are helpful, multiple shoots and dynamic ways to approach content are helpful to an agency looking for