The Crew


Rhea Borzak, Motion Graphics Director
Rhea is a designer/compositor for Magnetic Dreams. At one time a medical illustrator, then an ad agency art director, then a magazine art director, she knew she’d found home when she landed in the motion graphics field. She loves that all of us in the field are fun and quirky… and that we embrace our quirkiness. Rhea is happy to be in a field where we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously. The projects are always different, always a challenge, and there is something new to learn every day.

Rickey Boyd, Creative Director
Cross muppeteering with animation and what do you get? A weirdo like Rickey. At least his family thinks he’s normal.
When he’s not drawing storyboards, designing characters, or directing animations, Rickey likes to play with dolls…er…puppets. Honest. [Oh Rickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Rickey!]

James Coakley Jr., Animation Lead James’ tale is one of legend. Born in 1971, a magnificent specimen talked about in the medical field to this day. Being a child with wisdom beyond his age, he excelled at childhood in every aspect. From his C average grade school record, to the few small trophies lining his wall, to his unsurpassed social skills, he was a giant among men.

Tim Crowson, Lead CG Artist
Tim grew up in France, went to college in Tennessee, married a hot chick from Arkansas, went to Japan for a couple of years, and is now at Magnetic doing what he loves. In preparation for any weather, he keeps the following hats in his drawer at work: modeler, texture painter, shots TD, lighting TD, fire and smoke TD, and Python Nerd(ish).

Judd Eschliman, Assistant Motion Graphics Artist
Born in California and raised everywhere else, Judd now resides in Murfeesboro, TN. He lives with his wonderful wife Debbie, and his charming mini-clone-daughter, Ryan. Judd attended Middle Tennessee State University, where he obtained his degree in Digital Animation. At the studio, Judd does this and that, but primarily serves a motion graphic cog in a bog motion graphics wheel.

Joël Gibbs, Director
Stepping off of a plane from France in 2005, Mr. Gibbs was eager to join the Magnetic Dreams team. He tries to bring a European flavor to this crew. He has lived most of his digital life in the 2.5D world, going back and forth between 3D applications and 2D design and motion graphics packages. Completely lost in this world, he decided to withdraw himself into the lonesome state of directorship, where he now enjoys leading others to the same fateful doom. Other than that, he loves music videos and commercials that push the conceptual boundaries, and really appreciates a show in which the art serves the story.

Lisa Halsey, Director of Human Resources and Accounting
Lisa Halsey absolutely adores her job.  She enjoys making her own schedule (subject to government requirements), having a room to herself, and the knowledge that she, alone, knows everyone’s birth year and middle name.   Lisa is the person to see if you have non-production related questions.  In between checking message boards and websites for information on her beloved Nashville Predators, she spends her down time working on accounts receivable, accounts payable, benefits administration, payroll and related duties, and compilations for income tax time.    She also keeps up with supplies in order to make sure hard working animators will have their basic life necessities–coffee, half and half, and sugar.   Lisa also serves as Secretary Treasurer in the Magnetic Dreams Inc organizational schematic and is a part owner.


Brad Applebaum, CG Artist
3D Modeler and renaissance man, Brad was born in the birthplace of Rock and Roll and migrated east to master the digital arts.  He spent a few years freelancing before settling in as a 3D Modeler at Magnetic Dreams.  When he’s not fighting off the zombie hordes or spending time when his loving family, he’s a vanguard with a Wacom Pen.

Julian Herrera, VFX Supervisor
Julian comes from a film-making background having studied both cinematography and editing before deciding not to do either. Both proved valuable, however, in developing his skills as a visual effects supervisor and enabling him to communicate across the industry. Of course no blurb on Julian is complete without mentioning his (strange) fascination with Frank Zappa. He also doesn’t care if you are from East Nashville, he remains unimpressed.

Michael Lapinski, Art Director
Michael is an animation designer and art director for children’s television as well as a comic book artist and creator. A New Jersey native and an alumnus of Rutgers University, Michael began his career by cel painting on “Disney’s Doug” as a college intern at Jumbo Pictures in NYC. He has worked as lead digital designer on Nickelodeon’s groundbreaking series “Blue’s Clues” and as color supervisor and lead background painter on 4Kids’ “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with Dancing Diablo Studio. More recently, he returned to Nickelodeon first as art director, establishing the aesthetic for the animated pilot “Chickiepoo & Fluff: Barnyard Detectives,” and then as digital designer on the pre-school math show “Team Umizoomi.” Michael is co-creator and artist of the 6-issue bilingual comic book series “Feeding Ground,” published by Archaia Entertainment. This Fall 2011, “Feeding Ground” was collected as a single hard cover edition, for which Michael served as the book’s designer, penciler, inker, and color artist.

James Ramsden, IT Administrator James comes from England, so is often stereotypically mistaken for an MI6 secret agent with a deadly agenda. After many years of education, he acquired qualifications in Computer Science and Engineering, which he fuses together to help keep all that technical nerdy stuff running smoothly. His only quest in life, is to convince Americans on how to pronounce aluminium correctly.

Kimberly Cranfield, 2D Artist/Animator
At a young age, Kimberly aspired to be a lion. When that dream faded, art took its place. Ever since, she has continued down an artistic path, taking interest in hand-drawn animation and illustration. She studied drawing and graphic design at UT, studied art abroad in Florence, and then transferred to the Art Institute in Nashville to learn animation. Her specialties are concept art, storyboards, and character animation, and she has held roles in these areas at Magnetic Dreams.

Stephanie Goldstein, CG Artist
Stephanie is a modeler/texture artist at Magnetic Dreams Studio. She is originally from a little town in Mexico called Montemorelos. She was interested in art since a very young age which led her to pursue a career in animation. She had the opportunity to graduate from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee as a 3D Artist. Stephanie made many friends who ended up in Magnetic Dreams so she decided to give it a try.

Wenie Rahardja, FX Technical Director
Our very own Indonesian ICE Queen, first of her name! With one degree already under her belt from Savannah College of Art and Design, she’s working on a Masters in Visual Effects, while graciously sharing her awesomeness with us through the magic of node-based FX and simulations. Odds are she has a solution for whatever is not working correctly.