rickeyRickey Boyd
Creative Director at Magnetic Dreams, Rickey is Sesame Street’s best kept secret. Rickey lives and breathes the Henson culture and ideals, and it shows through his numerous projects. Funny, family-friendly and entertaining, Rickey’s work is sure to bring a smile to your face and your audiences.

Tooth Fairy
TJ Imagine
Godzilla Binge Eating
Sesame Street - Listen To Your Body


Joel-GibbsJoël Gibbs
From commercial product work to character and story-driven episodic work, Joël’s directing clearly takes you to a visual world. Having spent his first 25 years in France, and the last 6 in the USA, his work draws references from many different media from across the world to craft the perfect story for the job.

Dell FX Architecture
Amridge University
Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers - Trailer 01
Ironman Extremis Episode 1 Trailer
Adamo Packaging
Dell Adamo Teaser
Nashville Predators - 2008 JumboTron Animation


lapinskiMichael Lapinski, Art Director
Michael is an animation designer and art director for children’s television as well as a comic book artist and creator. A New Jersey native and an alumnus of Rutgers University, Michael began his career by cel painting on “Disney’s Doug” as a college intern at Jumbo Pictures in NYC. He has worked as lead digital designer on Nickelodeon’s groundbreaking series “Blue’s Clues” and as color supervisor and lead background painter on 4Kids’ “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with Dancing Diablo Studio.

Timing is everything. Over the years, John has written, directed and even animated countless animations, specializing in the art of 2D animation. Meticulously scripting and building his stories and visuals, John is a true craftsman. Building on a solid sense of comedic timing, each commercial spot, PSA, or cartoon delivers effectively.