Other Services

Audio Production

Based in Nashville, Magnetic Dreams has built over the years a network  of  creative professionals. We work on a weekly basis with many high end audio facilities located through out the country.

James Snyder, Edge Studios New York, NY

Casting and Voice Direction – James is also known as Dan Green, the voice of Yugi Moto, Teenage Mutant Turtle Leonardo, Knuckles the Echidna and dozens of other anime characters.  James brings major New York stage and screen talent to the table for voice casting.
For more information: http://www.edgestudio.com/

Amotz Plessner, Underground Music Los Angeles, CA

Composer – Amotz has scored dozen of motion pictures, animations, commercials and theatrical trailers.   He is equally at home with a small ensemble or conducting an orchestral soundtrack.  Recent work includes the trailer score for “Avatar” and the scoring for the film “The Golden Pomegranate”.
For more information: http://www.amotzplessner.com

Eric Friend, Friendo Sound Austin, TX

Sound Design and Mix –Mike Judd’s sound guy from Bevis and Butthead through his recent TV series and films, piano player for the Americana band Spoon, and quite arguably the nicest guy in the world.  On any given night you can find about the half the sound team from Troublemaker Studios hanging out at his studio helping out, but don’t tell Rodriguez.
For more information: http://www.ericfriend.com/


Multimedia Production

Film Production

Magnetic Dreams has also built a network  in the film production field. Even though we take the role of production house often. We also work with many film production companies. Whether it be for a music video, a documentary, a commercial spot, a live special  event or even feature length film, here are some partners that we work with.

PK Pictures – Greg Page

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, and rooted in a long history of media production excellence, PK Pictures is a company uniquely experienced and qualified to deliver on your visual communication needs. The talented team at PK Pictures consists of visionaries in the world of creative media design who drive harder and further than the rest in order to best position its clientele.
For more information: www.pkpi.com

Revolution – Randy Campbell

For over a decade, Revolution Pictures has changed the way audiences connect with artists and corporations. Proven through chart-topping acts and nationally-renown brands, Revolution has the experience and knowledge to conquer the toughest production,whether creatively complex or logistically challenging. Having worked with some of today’s most notable agencies, record labels, and corporations, Revolution Pictures is a trusted home for your next production.
For more information: www.revolutionpictures.com

Filmhouse – Wayne Campbell

Film House is a full service production company with everything you need to make anything from a TV spot to a feature film under one roof.
For more information: www.filmhouse.com

Arts+Labor – Alan Berg

From feature films to marketing videos to ad campaigns, from the biggest productions to the smallest budgets, Arts+ Labor’s talented team creates high quality results in all media. Arts+Labor is dedicated to crafting communications that jump to life and demand attention – from television serial programming to commercial advertising. We love what we do and it shows in the end product.
For more information: www.arts-and-labor.com