We’re Hiring!  

Magnetic Dreams is looking for an Assembly / Lighting Supervisor with strong Creative and Leadership skills to join our award winning team. Apply today to join our crew!-Assembly Lead for both in house as well as external freelance teams 

 Job Description 

-Responsible for final 3D scene assembly and rendering of elements 

-Build CG Scenes for render by importing Assets, FX, and Animation from multiple pipeline steps 

-Will optimize and troubleshoot lighting and rendering problems in a fast paced environment 

-Works closely with Creative Leadership to determine best approach to solve 3D challenges and develop final look 

-Collaborates with compositors to finish selected shots so that computer generated elements are seamlessly integrated 

-Set up scene partitions and render pass assignments with AOVs, as well as optimize scenes and asset textures using special formats, render proxies, instances, and optimal render settings 

– Render Farm management and render QC 


– Expert-level experience with Maya as well as a firm understanding of film production / post production techniques in a production environment 

-Knowledge of Compositing to be able to work with Comp department to define render pass needs with AOVs 

– Scripting experience with MEL or Python a plus 

-Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks 

– Ability to manage and supervise departmental milestones and deadlines 

-Able to work independently 

-Experience with Arnold or Vray. Knowledge of Redshift a plus. 

– Ability to Sculpt, Retopo, Model, UV, Texture, and Shade a plus 

-Familiarity with Maya Render set up a plus 

-At least 5 years of experience Lighting for 3D productions 

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