Crumby Pictures are hot!

Presenting our latest work with our friends at Sesame Workshop: Crumby Pictures, starring Cookie Monster!

We’ve been hard at work over the past several months creating backgrounds and visual FX for the series, our third with Sesame so far. The Muppet characters are great vehicles for parody, and with Crumby Pictures we get the opportunity to create spoofs of some of our favorite films.

Below are a few that we can show you. We’ll keep you updated as new episodes are aired.

New CDC spot: Close the door to cancer

We’re all about sharing our work. Here’s one of the latest spots to hit the air from our collaboration with the Center for Disease Control. Take 30 seconds to check it out below!


Five for Fighting ‘s “What if”

Revolution Pictures‘ visionary director and FX artist Roman White trusted Magnetic Dreams for Five for Fighting’s new narrative music video “What if”. From concept, to animation and render, our main imperative was to bring to life a small robot through 64 shots ( with crazy deadlines, but that is a given). We must have done something right, because this is what John Ondrasik has to say:

“Roman White’s ‘What If’ video is my favorite of all Five For Fighting videos. It is a wonderful film that touches on love, mortality, and the little robot in all of us…”

The video premiered on Ryan Seacrest’s website.

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Well we didn’t make the cover of Rolling Stone, but it’s a start.

DaveMatthewsGrover posted this video in which Dave Mathews and Grover sing about the feelings they’re feeling. (We helped them visualize those feelings. )

“V.I. Princess”

Kristy Kay and Ed Nash approached us recently to create a proof-of-concept for a potential series, “V.I. Princess.”  They provided the concept and dialog performance, and we created the visuals. This 4-min piece was especially fun for us, as it let us use some new tools in the lighting and rendering department. These gave us great results that would have been more difficult to achieve otherwise.

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…but Magnetic Dreams does!

Well, the video has been out for a few months now, but we thought we’d share it with you anyways. Taillight TV solicited Magnetic Dreams help  for Tim McGraw’s Highway Don’t Care music video directed by Shane Drake. Our job was to  integrate Taylor Swift into reflections on the car’s windshield as well as adding Swift and Keith Urban back into broken pieces of mirror on the ground. Even though we had a limited amount of shots to work on, it was a nice project to contribute to, and we’re proud of the final result.

Here are a few image and the clip below:

TailLightTV_Highway_01 TailLightTV_Highway_03 TailLightTV_Highway_02 TailLightTV_Highway_04

Magnetic Dreams wins Emmy!


Awesome news indeed!!!!We don’t know how we didn’t get around to telling EVERYONE about it, but this summer Magnetic Dreams was honored by winning a National Emmy Award for “OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN MAIN TITLE AND GRAPHIC DESIGN” for Sesame’s Elmo the Musical show open.

We’d like to specifically recognize:open

Rickey Boyd, Creative Director - Graphics
Michael Lapinski, Art Director
Rhea Borzak, Compositor
Andrew Atteberry, 3D Animator
Julian Herrera, VFX Supervisor

Softimage Tutorial: Global Shader setup

Wow, something crazy is happening at Magnetic Dreams! This will be our third post in less than a month! No, your eyes aren’t lying to you, this is for real. Anyways, Don Culwell, our Exec. VP and in-house specialist of all things software, has treated us (well…mainly you) with a Softimage tutorial. If you find it helpful, give us a “Like”!


Global AO control for Softimage 2012 using the Custom Property Wizard from Magnetic Dreams on Vimeo.

Colbie Caillat – We Both Know ft. Gavin DeGraw

We had the opportunity to work with top director Roman White again, and this time on an exciting Colbie Caillat music video. The song is tied to the upcoming feature film Safe Haven.

The music video cuts between movie clips and Colbie and Gavin clips.  Most of it was shot on green screen, and Magnetic Dreams was tasked to recreate environments based on the Safe Haven sets, but with a surreal touch to them. We explored some new techniques, which enabled us to do 90 percent of the vfx in compositing, knocking out 94 shots in under two weeks!

Here are a few before/after shots, and a link to the video.

Abby Cadabby @ CES

Here’s some quick news on one of our latest animation projects: Abby’s Fairy Rock. This project was a little different for us, taking us into the world of real-time animation!

Qualcomm and Sesame Street are collaborating on the development of mobile apps for children eduction. One of their first applications, ‘Abby’s Fairy Rock’, was presented last week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. We worked alongside Two Bulls providing them over 60 animation clips for them to insert into the Unity game engine to drive the animation interactively. Typically our animations stay within two or three packages internally for lighting, rendering, and compositing. The process used on this project required us to export the animations and rigs to the game engine for real-time rendering. It was a great opportunity to see our work through a different medium.

Here’s a quick link to a booth presentation of the mobile app at CES.

Qualcomm / Sesame Workshop two screen game experience powered by Alljoyn and Unity. Developed by Two Bulls, animation by Magnetic Dreams