Brand New Show Reel

We have a new show reel for the world to see!

Magnetic Dreams is a full service creative studio located in Nashville, TN providing high-end support for animation, visual effects, motion graphics, pre-production, post production and games.

We’d like to thank our amazing artists and clients. You make all things possible.

This reel is dedicated to our friend and colleague, Matt Egler.

Special thanks to Roman White, Joel Robertson, and Andrew Atteberry.
Music by Anamanaguchi.

And the winner is…..

We were thrilled to see Sesame Workshop’s “The Cookie Thief”, a one hour special we worked on last year get recognition at the 2016 Kidscreen awards, winning Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie, Best Acting, Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Voice Talent and Best Design.


One of the challenges and joys of the project was set dressing an entire art gallery with “Cookie Art”.  Under the guidance of our Art Director, Michael Lapinski, we spread the work across the staff and began painting parodies of famous paintings or working in the style of famous artists.  In the end we delivered some 3 dozen paintings that were printed on large canvases and framed for the day of the shoot.  We were thrilled to hear that once the shoot was wrapped the demand for the art was so high amongst cast and crew that the prints were actioned off with the proceeds going to charity.  It was also the subject of a wonderful post by the folks over at Tough Pigs:

We are posting some of our favorites here.  The next time a student wonders if their Art History course will ever be useful you can send them a link.

Summer Forever… and ever!

As things are getting cold we thought we’d take the time to post a little something we did this summer ( sunny and shiny is good for the morale )! Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to work with our good friend Roman White on his first feature film: Summer Forever.

Magnetic Dreams contributed in a couple of ways. We handled 40+ invisible fx shots, mainly removing film crew from undesirable reflections (tracking, rotoscoping, painting). We also were tasked with designing the opening titles of the movie. Lots of fun on this one! Check out some of the open title frames below.

Summer_Forever_Title06 Summer_Forever_Title05 Summer_Forever_Title04 Summer_Forever_Title03 Summer_Forever_Title02 Summer_Forever

Shotgun or bust!

better-mainDon has written up a great description for postPerspective of the role Shotgun has played in our productions and what a turning point its adoption was for us…

Magnetic Dreams Talks Organization and Productivity

Elmo’s Christmas Dream

A big thanks to all who worked on Elmo’s Christmas Dream!  All Elmo wants this holiday is friends and family…

Yellowday Animation Highlights

We’re pleased to be able to show some highlights from the animated portions of Yellowday! This is a quick look at the work we delivered earlier in 2014.

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Yellowday is a feature length production about a young man searching for his lost love, and crosscuts live action footage with full CG animation to tell its story. We delivered roughly 25 minutes of animation, around 100 shots, and the project proved to be one of our most rewarding. By the time Executive Producer G. P. “Jeff”  Galle shared his vision with us, the live-action portion had already been shot and a rough-cut had been produced. We were tasked with creating the digital portion of the story, bringing CG characters to life in a re-imagined version of the real-world location featured in the film, Camp Grace.

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Crumby Pictures are hot!

Presenting our latest work with our friends at Sesame Workshop: Crumby Pictures, starring Cookie Monster! We’ve been hard at work over the past several months creating backgrounds and visual FX for the series, our third with Sesame so far. The Muppet characters are great vehicles for parody, and with Crumby Pictures we get the opportunity to create spoofs of some of our favorite films. Below are a few that we can show you. We’ll keep you updated as new episodes are aired.

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"Star Smores"

New CDC spot: Close the door to cancer

We’re all about sharing our work. Here’s one of the latest spots to hit the air from our collaboration with the Center for Disease Control. Take 30 seconds to check it out below!


Five for Fighting ‘s “What if”

Revolution Pictures‘ visionary director and FX artist Roman White trusted Magnetic Dreams for Five for Fighting’s new narrative music video “What if”. From concept, to animation and render, our main imperative was to bring to life a small robot through 64 shots ( with crazy deadlines, but that is a given). We must have done something right, because this is what John Ondrasik has to say:

“Roman White’s ‘What If’ video is my favorite of all Five For Fighting videos. It is a wonderful film that touches on love, mortality, and the little robot in all of us…”

The video premiered on Ryan Seacrest’s website.

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